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Year 9 History - Unit 4 - Child Labour

Key Questions and Skills Activities Resources
Child Labour in the 19th century

Why is it so difficult to find out what children's working conditions were really like?

Children in the Mills and Children in the Mines, (32-39) all 'Think' questions and Steps 1 and 2. Rather than choose one source as requested, select two for each step. When 'Thinking the Enquiry Through' remember to structure your answer so as to consider both the provenance and content of the sources. Minds and Machines Chapter 4

Spartacus on child labour is excellent and includes many of the sources from the textbook. Because Spartacus has many other sources, you may wish to evaluate sources of your own choice.

Spartacus on Child Labour 
Debating the issue of child labour: Understanding the attitudes of people at the time. 

Debating Child Labour: an online activity.

You will be allocated a character from the 19th century (see the list) who was either a supporter or defender of child labour. Next you should fill out this research sheet  about your character. Finally, you should prepare a speech of one minute in length to be made to camera. 

Next you should play your character in a virtual online forum debate. 

Use the International Student Forum to debate the motion: "Parliament should pass legislation making
it illegal for children under the age of twelve to work in textile
Spartacus the 'factory simulation'
International Student Education Forum
See Ben's videos of the 2003 debate: 
v opponents
Can you put one past me?
Try a penalty shootout quiz about child labour from School History
Why is child labour still a problem today? Use the internet to research the issue of child labour in the world today. Share your findings with the world through the International Student Education Forum. Child Labour Today.

Post your findings on the Education Forum.
Where were your trainers made? survey
What to do about child labour today?

Extension Activity
Did the 1833 Factory Act solve the problem of children in factories?