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IB History and Social Science - Theory of Knowledge 

Topic Summary
The 'uses and abuses' of History. 'The past is always / knocking incessant / Trying to break through / into the present' - Billy Bragg. A consideration of how the past gives meaning to the present. 
The 'epistemological fragility' of History. 'I am beginning to believe that nothing can ever be proved... slow, lazy, sulky, the facts adapt themselves at a pinch to the order I wish to give them' Antoine Roquentin in Nausea JP Sartre
Defending History and Doing History I used to think that the profession of history, unlike that of, say, nuclear physics, could at least do no harm. Now I know it can. Our studies can turn into bomb factories like the workshops in which the IRA has learned to transform chemical fertilizer into an explosive… Eric Hobsbawm
What is Social Science? There is no such thing as society. Thereare individual men and women and there are families. Margaret Thatcher
Verstehen There's nothing like eavesdropping to show that the world outside your head is different from the world inside your head. Thornton Wilder
Free Will and Determinism  
Experimentation and Alternatives  
Doing Social Science